Found Lizzard in Mcdonald Food


One another FIR against international Fast food restaurant McDonald’s in Kolkata by a Pregnant Woman. She said that McDonald’s served Fried lizard in the packet. On the 28 Feb, the lady Priyanka visits McDonald’s outlet with her daughter. She places an order and when they eating the food. Suddenly his daughter looked at fried lizard that was served by the McDonald’s.

Priyanka said that she has told to McDonald’s branch manager and the manager behaves very rudely with them.At last, he said sorry and left from there. Then Priyanka has clicked the images of that food and went for near police station.


Priyanka has very upset because she is pregnant and she is not well. Priyanka has entered FIR against McDonald’s. Priyanka husband Sanjay gave the statement on this accident that I am concerned about the health of your family. I want to say all of MAC-D lovers that there is anything to eat, stay cautious.

At the same time, Kolkata areas manager Rohit Kumar says that he is not authorized to say anything about this.Ranjan Khanna spoke to the Delhi office, the customer complains that they are eating Forin body.We take such complaints very seriously and are tested.

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